How to install games on android devices?
1. Download game (".apk" file) and cache (zip file). Let's take, for example, the game Crazy Taxi City Rush!
2. Open the "Download" folder on your phone by any file manager. This can be a standard phone file manager or ES File Explorer downloaded on Google Play.
3. Go to your device's system settings. Find: Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and make sure the box is checked.
4. Install the game (".apk" file)
5. Extract the game cache to the folder by your archiver. To do this, click on the cache archive. Then select the game cache folder and click "Extract" button. Following the instructions in the game description we need to extract cache to sdcard/Android/obb
6. Once the cache is installed, you can run the game and play.
Troubleshooting: "There was a problem parsing the package" error message when you are trying to install modded games:
  • The game file .apk, that you have downloaded might be corrupted. So try again to downloading the game and install it.
  • If the problem still persists, use Firefox Browser app (available on Google Play) to download games.
"Application not installed" error:
  • First, make sure any previous versions of the app (whether it's a mod, or an official version), have been un-installed.
  • If you still receive this message, reboot your device after you have un-installed any previous versions.
"Download failed because you may not have purchased this app" message:
  • Download the app once directly from Google Play, uninstall, then install mod
"Invalid licence" error:
  • Uninstall the modded apk.
  • Visit the game on play store, click "install", then quickly cancel the installation to get the game license.
  • Install the downloaded game on wendgames again and play.
What is Tegra, PowerVR, Adreno and Mali? Adreno, PowerVR, Mali, Tegra – apart from the main processor, the device has more processor and graphics processing – video accelerator. You need to select files according to your device’s video accelerator.You can use CPU-Z app. ( available on Google Play).
How to login with your Facebook account on modded apks? 1. Uninstall and deactivate Facebook app. 2. Open the game and click Facebook login. 3. Enter your Facebook account. 4. Enjoy and reinstall Facebook app.