Free Fire

How to install games (installing cache (obb) files, what's adreno, mali, downloading files to Android, ...)? :

Wendgames doesn't show game size. Is there a way to find application size without downloading/installing it?

Why can't I open an apk file I downloaded?

Modded apk 1: Auto Target MOD

Download Modded APK (169 MB):

Modded apk 2:

{.1.} – Grass Removed – You can easily see other players
{.2.} – Fog Removed
{.3.} – Improved AimSystem – Lock on Object !
{.4.} – Instant Gun Swap
{.5.} – ESP -> You can see Players Name & Distance !

Download Modded APK (30 MB):

Download CACHE (OBB) (144 MB):

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