How to install games (installing cache (obb) files, what's adreno, mali, downloading cloud.mail.ru files to Android, ...)? : https://wendgames.com/2017/01/how-to-download-and-install-games.html

Wendgames doesn't show game size. Is there a way to find application size without downloading/installing it? https://wendgames.com/find-game-size-on-wendgames

How to bypass tutorial and make mod works?

Download APK Bypass and complete game tutorial,

Exit game and then install mod and play!

Download APK Bypass (56 MB):  http://s1.wenddownloadpage.com/files/down.php?link=10zQlZLMy_OANXU5MZXSeHLUPr2onzTED

Download Modded APK (56 MB):  http://s1.wenddownloadpage.com/files/down.php?link=1eE7cD1pbA-g6PFHXQL3r698B9thPO0i9