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How to install games (installing cache (obb) files, what's adreno, mali, downloading files to Android, ...)? :

Wendgames doesn't show game size. Is there a way to find application size without downloading/installing it?

Download Modded APK (Private ServerĀ  _lightWendgames) (90 MB):

Download Modded APK (Private ServerĀ  _paradiseWendgames) (90 MB):


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  1. orall khalid says:

    clash of royal

  2. (AHMAD&ZAIM) says:

    I wand gems

  3. orall khalid says:


  4. rehan says:


  5. Guille says:

    Es muy bueno se los recomiendo

  6. Reynald tabangco says:

    Nice ang very good

  7. john06 says:

    How do install apps from this wendgames site

  8. ARMIN says:

    Is that the newste version of clash royale

  9. abril. says:

    i can’t download nothing from this page IT’S FAKE GUYS! ? don’t believe this shit :/